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Yeezy Boost 700


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Yeezy Boost 700 V1 'Analog'
Yeezy Boost 700 V1 'Analog' Sale priceFrom €349,95 Regular price€399,95
Yeezy Boost 700 V1 'Wave Runner'
Yeezy Boost 700 V1 'Wave Runner' Sale priceFrom €499,95
Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 'Salt'
adidas Yeezy Boost 700 'Salt' Sale priceFrom €300,00 Regular price€349,95
Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Azael
adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Azael Sale priceFrom €329,95 Regular price€399,95
Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2 Static
adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2 Static Sale priceFrom €359,95
Yeezy Boost 700 V2 'Tephra'
Yeezy Boost 700 V2 'Tephra' Sale price€449,95

Yeezy 700

The Yeezy 700, a trendy sneaker that turned the fashion world upside down. This iconic model was released in September 2017 and quickly became a favorite among sneakerheads worldwide.


Kanye West's Influence

Kanye West, a man who’s never afraid to push the boundaries, brought us the Yeezy 700. This model showcases how Kanye views fashion - bold, different, and always a step ahead. Despite mixed initial reactions, it has become a popular item among sneaker enthusiasts.


How the Yeezy 700 Became a Success

Kanye West's success with the Yeezy 700 started with the launch of the first model in June 2015. The Yeezy Boost 700 was released in collaboration with Adidas as part of Kanye's Yeezy line.

The first release of the Yeezy Boost 700, named "Wave Runner", was an immediate hit and quickly sold out. Its unique look, rarity, and the Kanye factor made everyone crazy for these sneakers. With each new color combination, the hype only grew.


Chill in Style

What makes the Yeezy 700 so great? Well, it’s like walking on clouds, but with style. This sneaker is your best friend, whether you have a busy day ahead or just want to relax. With its striking look, you’ll definitely steal the show, while your feet will thank you for the wonderful feeling.


Yeezy Boost 700 Collection

The Yeezy 700 is available in various colors, making it a versatile choice for any occasion. This top-notch sneaker fits any outfit.

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