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Ugg Funkette


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UGG Funkette Burnt Cedar
UGG Funkette Burnt Cedar Sale priceFrom €189,95
UGG Funkette Chestnut
UGG Funkette Chestnut Sale price€239,95
UGG Funkette Black
UGG Funkette Black Sale price€209,95

This is the UGG Funkette Collection, a blend of past and present, designed to add an edge to lounging essentials. These slippers merge the well-known UGG warmth with a playful, thick platform for a striking statement. Tailored for women who appreciate a touch of flair in their relaxation wear, the Funkette is offered in a variety of vibrant hues to suit diverse tastes.


Bold and Playful

The UGG Funkette redefines relaxation wear by pairing eye-catching aesthetics with practical elements. These slippers are perfect for indoor relaxation and are sturdy enough for outdoor use, thanks to their robust sole.


Key Features

  • Thick Platform: Adds a bit of height and a lot of personality.
  • Soft Sheepskin: Ensures warm and snug feet, ideal for cooler days.
  • Robust Sole: Suitable for both lounging around and quick outdoor trips.


Vibrant and Unique

  • Color Options: Available in an array of colors to personalize your look.
  • Vintage Charm: The platform mixed with sheepskin revives a beloved old-school look with a twist.


Size and Fit Advice

The Funkette line fits snugly, providing a cozy feel. For those preferring a more relaxed fit, especially when wearing thicker socks, sizing up is recommended.


Comparison with Other UGG Models

  • UGG Tasman and Tazz: Unlike the flat-soled Tasman and Tazz, the Funkette introduces a playful platform, adding a bit of height and a visual punch.
  • UGG Tazzlita: While the Tazzlita also features a platform, it opts for subtler styling, making the Funkette the choice for those looking to make more of a statement.


The UGG Funkette slippers are for those who want to mix a bit of fun with their daily wear. They are perfect for relaxing days or casual outings, offering a unique twist on the classic slipper with their eye-catching platform and warm lining. Browse our complete collection to find the Funkette color that fits your personal taste and enhances your relaxation days.