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UGG Tazz Slipper Humberto Cruz Pop Sketch (W)
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UGG Tazz Slipper Mustard Seed (W)
UGG Tazz Slipper Mustard Seed (W) Sale priceFrom €209,95 Regular price€279,95
UGG Tazz Slipper 'Chestnut' (W)
UGG Tazz Slipper 'Chestnut' (W) Sale priceFrom €169,95 Regular price€209,95
UGG Tazz Slipper Black (W)
UGG Tazz Slipper Black (W) Sale priceFrom €179,95 Regular price€239,95
UGG Tazz Slipper Chestnut (GS)
UGG Tazz Slipper Chestnut (GS) Sale priceFrom €159,95 Regular price€219,95
UGG Tazz Slipper Heritage Braid Natural (W)
UGG Tazz Slipper Seal (W)
UGG Tazz Slipper Seal (W) Sale price€389,95
UGG Tazz Slipper Eve Blue (W)
UGG Tazz Slipper Eve Blue (W) Sale priceFrom €269,95
UGG Tazz Slipper Heritage Braid Hardwood

The UGG Tasman and Tazz Slipper are a wonderful addition to the UGG collection. These slippers are made from high-quality suede and are equipped with a soft sheepskin lining. These slippers offer unparalleled comfort for both men and women. They come in various models and colors, including the UGG Tasman Sesame, UGG Tasman Chestnut, UGG Tasman Beige, UGG Tasman Driftwood, and UGG Tasman Mustard Seed.

The UGG Tasman is not just a simple slipper; they are versatile. In addition to being used as slippers, you can also take a walk in them. Thanks to the sturdy outsole that is similar to the UGG Classic boot, these UGG Tasman models are made of high-quality suede, and you can easily slip into these slippers. They are ideal for a relaxed weekend. The UGG Tasman pampers your feet with a lining of wonderfully soft sheepskin. A moisture-wicking UGGPure wool insole keeps your feet dry. The collar with Tasman braid adds a unique touch to the design.

The outsole of the Tasman can either be the innovative SugarSol, made from environmentally friendly sugarcane, or the reliable Treadlite by UGG™. Both options offer lightweight and flexibility for both indoor and outdoor use. Special attention has been paid to supporting women in the supply chain through the HER project, which promotes training opportunities for women in the workplace.

How to best care for them?
Use a water-repellent spray to make your UGGs water-resistant. This is ideal if you want to keep your UGGs looking like new. If your UGGs still get wet, make sure to clean them gently. Water can damage the suede or sheepskin and cause the shoes to lose their shape. Let them dry at room temperature. Do not place them in front of the heater or use a hairdryer to dry them!

How does the UGG Tasman & Tazz Slipper fit?
Please note: The Tasman slippers have a slightly smaller fit. Our recommendation is to choose a size larger for the best comfort. Treat your feet to the best that UGG has to offer and pamper yourself with a pair of Tasman slippers. 

It's time to indulge yourself and give your feet the best that UGG has to offer.

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