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Ugg Tazzlita


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UGG Tazzlita Chestnut
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UGG Tazzlita Black
UGG Tazzlita Black Sale price€269,95

Overview of the UGG Tazzlita

The UGG Tazzlita is a stylish evolution within the UGG Tazz collection, blending iconic UGG features with fresh design elements. Aimed at delivering both comfort and a trendy aesthetic, the Tazzlita stands out with its unique features.


Design and Materials

  • Upper: Typically crafted from rich suede, which offers durability and a plush look.
  • Lining: Lined with UGG's signature sheepskin, providing luxurious warmth and softness.
  • Outsole: The Tazzlita is equipped with a rubber outsole for increased traction and durability, making it suitable for both indoor and light outdoor use.
  • Insole: Features a sheepskin insole, which naturally wicks away moisture, ensuring feet stay dry and comfortable.


Special Features

  • Silhouette: The Tazzlita often sports a slip-on style with a modern twist, incorporating elements like a platform sole for a slight lift.
  • Detailing: May include embellishments such as a rear pull tab, a center seam on the upper, or distinctive stitching details.
  • Color Options: Available in a variety of colors from neutral tones to bold shades, aligning with seasonal trends.



The Tazzlita may come in several variations that tweak the basic design for different tastes and needs, such as adding a platform for those looking for a bit of height or using different materials or colors for seasonal offerings.


Comparing Tazzlita with Tasman and Tazz

To understand the Tazzlita’s place within the UGG lineup, it’s helpful to compare it directly with related models like the Tasman and Tazz:

  • UGG Tasman: The Tasman is more traditional and utilitarian with a simple flat sole and a design that leans towards the functionality of slippers. It is versatile, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and features the Tasman braid detailing which is a hallmark of this model.
  • UGG Tazz: Similar to the Tazzlita, focuses on comfort with a robust outsole and sheepskin lining but stays closer to the ground compared to the Tazzlita’s optional platform sole. The Tazz is straightforward, emphasizing practicality and comfort without the added style elements of the Tazzlita.
  • UGG Tazzlita: Strikes a balance between the down-to-earth style of the Tazz and the more fashionable demands of modern footwear trends. It offers additional style elements such as a rear pull tab and potentially a platform sole, making it a fashionable choice that does not skimp on comfort or the classic UGG wearing experience.