Klarna Payment Issue

Klarna Payment Issue

Do you have a pair of trendy sneakers in your shopping cart at Sneakerhype and is your Klarna payment not working? That's definitely annoying. In this blog, we'll explain why this sometimes happens and how you can solve it. Are you ready to unravel this mystery?

Paying with Klarna afterwards (or in 3 installments): Simple, but sometimes not possible to complete the order. We understand that Klarna is a nice way to buy your new sneakers without paying immediately. Generally, this works seamlessly, but occasionally we hear from customers that their payment is not accepted during the order checkout.

Issues with Klarna? Let's delve deeper into the problems that can occur when paying with Klarna afterwards. Are you getting an error message? Or is the transaction simply not being completed? Klarna is a reliable and reputable company that determines in real-time whether a transaction can be executed. If your Klarna payment is declined, that is certainly frustrating.

If your Klarna payment fails, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • Is the payable amount perhaps too high? Sometimes Klarna may reject a transaction if the amount is too high. They take into account your order history and the costs of the current order. Unfortunately, Sneakerhype has no influence on this process due to privacy rules, and we cannot change it either.
  • Acount-Credit: Klarna performs a credit check on customers before accepting payments. If a customer has a poor credit history or if Klarna considers the customer's creditworthiness as risky, Klarna may decide not to accept the payment.

  • The (address) details are not correctly entered in Klarna? A common reason for a Klarna payment failure is simply that the user data is entered incorrectly. Klarna requires accurate information to process a transaction. A typo in your name, address, postal code, or date of birth can result in your transaction being declined. So, make sure to carefully check all the details before attempting to check out.
  • Suspicious activities: Klarna implements strict security measures to prevent fraudulent activities. If suspicious activities are detected, such as an unusually high order value or abnormal ordering behavior, Klarna may decide not to accept the payment.


In case it really doesn't work to make the payment, you can use someone else's Klarna account who has ordered before so that they have enough credit, or of course, you can choose to use another payment method, such as iDeal or Paypal.


If you're still unable to resolve the issue, feel free to contact our WhatsApp service via the button at the bottom right.


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