Shop the most exclusive sneakers in The Hague now in our showroom.

Shop the most exclusive sneakers in The Hague now in our showroom.

As you walk through the streets of The Hague, you might expect historic buildings, political debates, and a worldly ambiance. But recently, a new addition to the cityscape has emerged, one that will attract sneaker lovers everywhere: Sneakerhype's brand new office and showroom.


About Us

Sneakerhype is known for its exclusive sneaker collection and has taken a significant step as a growing company. Started by two passionate Dutch sneakerheads, we have now become one of the largest names in the Benelux and beyond. With more than 750 exclusive and limited edition sneakers from 7 top brands in our collection, there's something cool for everyone. Our brand new office, strategically located in the heart of The Hague, is not just a workplace, but also our source of inspiration.


The Sneakerhype Office

What immediately stands out upon entry is our brand new exclusive sneaker wall. A wall full of colorful, rare, and the most sought-after sneakers, perfectly displayed for both the serious collector and the casual sneaker fan. It's the perfect place for every sneaker lover.

But what really makes this location special is the option for private shopping. Imagine: just you, the sneaker wall, and all the time in the world to find that perfect addition to your collection, without the bustle of a normal retail environment. It's an experience that you won't easily find elsewhere.


Why The Hague?

Sneakerhype's choice of The Hague as its permanent base is no coincidence. This city, with its rich history and status as the political heart of the Netherlands, provides the perfect contrast for a company that is always looking forward, always innovating. It's a place that respects both tradition and innovation, and Sneakerhype fits perfectly into that picture.

So, whether you are a sneaker enthusiast searching for that special pair or just curious about what's happening in the heart of The Hague, make sure Sneakerhype is on your list. It's not just a sneaker webshop. And who knows, maybe you'll leave with a brand new pair of kicks.

You can come by to admire our sneaker collection every Friday.

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