Where it all started

The Early Days

It all began back in high school. We, Daniel and Djulan, were those two guys constantly chatting about sneakers & ways to flip (resell) exclusive items. We started reselling sneakers from the age of 14, and are active within the sneaker industry for more then 8 years now. It’s been a journey of ups and downs, late nights, and learning from every step we took. Our drive, our passion for sneakers, and our dream of building a community made it all possible. And here we are, with Sneakerhype as a haven for sneakerheads like you.

Sneakerhype is your go-to platform for exclusive items.

Welcome to our family!

On our platform, we bring you a collection of items that everyone's talking about. Do you remember those cozy Uggs you've spotted all over, yet they always seem just out of reach. Or perhaps that latest campus trend that's catching everyone's eye? We're here to smoothly guide you to those extremely rare Sneakers!

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Personal contact, extensive customer service, and fast shipping are what we prioritize to ensure your experience with us is top-notch!
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📦 Selected 48h-products

We know how waiting for a package can test your patience. That's why we've introduced a handpicked selection of "48-hour products." This exclusive range is all about getting your items to you faster.
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✅ 100% Authentic

Every model is carefully checked for quality and authenticity. We ensure that you wear 100% authentic items sneakers with our certified label; Sneakerhype tag.
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We are always open to employ new talents, please send an email to: careers@sneakerhype.eu

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Sneakerhype Community

This is where you come in. Our community, our family. Your stories, your passion, and your love for sneakers make us who we are. We share tips, drops, and of course, our love for sneakers & the story's behind the hype. Because together, we're stronger. Join below.